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Better Bangladesh Tomorrow® is the sustainable initiative of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC aimed at effective and comprehensive actions for a sustainable Bangladesh tomorrow. While Bangladesh has been performing tremendously on actionable indicators of Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations, this initiative, powered by WALTON will be working in collaboration with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to further that cause and drive awareness for a sustainable future.

The vision to drive sustainable actions is not anything new, the goals set by the United Nations has been an inspiration to the youngest Managing Director and CEO in the country Mr. Golam Murshed of WALTON Hi-Tech Industries PLC. While industrial innovation has been driving product growth and generating economic emancipation, with his vision of giving something back to the country every day, Better Bangladesh Tomorrow® is the initiative to think about innovation in a more focused way about the footprints and drive policies that create actionable initiatives for sustainability across the country. Better Bangladesh Tomorrow® is his brainchild to ground that vision of sustainability into actions, while aiming for partnerships and collaborations for the goals- all the while maintaining innovative brilliance and superior lifestyle for the people in this country.

Inspiring positivity and building awareness to let everyone live in peace is the main goal of Better Bangladesh Tomorrow®. As much as responsible consumption and production cycles go, our sustainable practices in the industry will be more focused in order to achieve indicative growth in terms of people, poverty and partnerships to drive policy level changes towards a better future for everyone under the flag of red and green. With Better Bangladesh Tomorrow ® we aim to drive sustainable practices from being a responsibility to an act of good feelings- something that will be comfortable to be put in practice.

Sustainability for a Better Bangladesh Tomorrow® is a people driven initiative. To know more, please visit:

Steering Committee


Golam Murshed

Md. Humayun Kabir

Vice President

Eva Rezwana


Md. Nazrul Islam Sarker


Md. Amdadul Hoque Sarker


Mohammad Alamgir Alam Sarker


Md. Tanvir Anjum

General secretary

Mashharar Bhuiyan

Asst. General secretary

Md. Easir Al- Imran

Organizational Secretary

A. M. Sufian Chowdhury

Organizational Secretary

Humaira Hussain

Women Affairs Secretary

Md. Rabiul Alam

Research and Development Secretary

Mohammad Firoj Alam

Advertising and Promotion Secretary

Aminul Islam Khan

Advertising and Promotion Secretary

Jiban Ahmed Shubha

Asst. Advertising and Promotion Secretary

Abu Naser Md. Shahin Akanda


Mohammad Rahber Uddin

Office Secretary

Didarul Alam Khan

Digital and Print Media Secretary

Mohammad Mohasin Sarder

Senior Executive Members

Md. Shahjalal Hossain Limon

Senior Executive Members

Muhammad Abdullah -Al-Mamun

Senior Executive Members

Md. Rakib Uddin

Senior Executive Members

Sharif Harunur Rashid

Executive Members

Md. Zahidul Islam

Executive Members

Mohammad Shahjada Salim

Executive Members

Md. Mohashin Ali Molla

Executive Members

Md. Shohidul Islam

Executive Members

Md. Liton Molla

Executive Members

Nadim Mahmud Saikat

Executive Members