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Planeteer Gardeners

  As a Walton family member, we are always encouraged to uphold our efforts to promote Sustainability. For years, our sustainable approaches have been pivotal in causing impactful changes in the ecosystem that we live and breathe in. Our continued attempts have helped us progress towards a sustainable future

Vanguards of Planeteer

The Planeteer project is Better Bangladesh Tomorrow’s sustainable initiative aimed at empowering promising students who embody leadership, awareness, and mettle. These individuals will be assigned to bring quantifiable impact on our communities by participating in various sustainability drives that directly align with the Bangladesh Government’s actions aimed at implementing

Green Bangladesh

  Walton’s visionary leader Mr. Golam Murshed, on 16th December inaugurated the green initiative of Walton, “Green Bangladesh Project” on the 50th anniversary celebration of victory day of Bangladesh. This project is in light of making a healthier, greener Bangladesh for the upcoming generations. In order to promote greener

Medical Campaign

  Sustainable practices must be adopted across all walks of life, and there cannot be a better way to do this than taking care of the expecting mothers’ and prenatal health, because the future is them. The Third Sustainable Development Goal, namely good health and well-being focuses largely on

Marginal People recruitment

  Walton set an extraordinary example by employing six (6) physically challenged. To tackle the equal job opportunity issue, changing the lives of these people. Mr. Golam Murshed said that, being challenged physically does not mean they do not have promise and potential. He also added saying, these six

SDG Awareness

  For the future of Bangladesh and the upcoming generations, Walton’s latest sustainable initiative, “Better Bangladesh Tomorrow” is an exemplary initiative in both the Governmental and Non-governmental organizations. In that regards, Walton held a function in their corporate office on November 1st. ‘Understanding SDGs: Setting Strategic Sites for Sustainable

Walton Mobile Photography Contest

A creative contest by Walton was launched entitled “Walton Mobile SDG Photo Contest Powered by “Better Bangladesh Tomorrow” for Bangladeshi citizens across the country. The first three winners of the competition will receive Tk 100,000, 50,000, and 25,000 respectively, according to a press release. Walton Mobile created the competition

Smart Maker Season 2

  “Smart Fridge, Smart Maker”, the latest addition to the Bangladeshi super brand Walton’s initiative to encourage talented film makers to engage with the brand by making 90 second video which was judged by a panel of 3 members which include National Film Award winning actress Kusum Sikder, senior